Monday, June 30, 2008


Ken Blanchard is known as a management guru. One of his most well know books is the "One Minute Manager." He is also a fully devoted follower of Christ. In an interview he did for REV magazine he made a very challenging statement: “Right now we’ve killed the word ‘Christianity.’ It’s associated with judgment, evaluation, sorting people out, and all that.”

This is indicting! It is true we believers tend to be known more for what we are against than what we are for. Recently a group of "Christians" were up in arms at Starbucks for their logo. It seems the depiction of, I believe, their mermaid with long hair hanging loosely over her breasts were deemed as pornographic. They were demanding that this depiction be removed

WOW! Who were they protecting? I frequent Starbucks. And their accusation caused me to look a bit more critically at the cup my delicious coffee was served. I have to say, I got nothing. What I perceive pornography to be, and what this cup revealed, did not really seem to be the same thing. I said to my wife, "No wonder the world things Christians are whacked."

Do followers of Christ need to make a stand against the evils in this world? Absolutely! But with the myriad of stark and rank evil that exists in this world it seems that a long haired full figured mermaid should not really get much of the attention.

Lets regain our genuine voice in our culture. Lets attack the real domains of darkness. Lets invade ungodly space with deep authentic godliness. Lets be the light that reveals the tough stuff. Lets do this with the genuine love for those we interact. A love that drove Jesus to the cross with an unwillingness to condemn those who placed him there. When we rail against the darkness in love people tend to listen much more intently.

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