Thursday, June 12, 2008


General Conference is over. Some interesting things happened. Not sure what they all mean, but I do believe it is time to move out!

We elected our first woman General Superintendent. The response to her election said it all. People are ready to move out. She has vision, credibility and an extreme amount of ability. She is not the best woman for this job, she is the best person for this job. She, too, is ready to move out!

There was a push from the general conference floor not to simply accept business as usual. They want a voice, input, an opportunity to participate in something bigger than anyone person. There is a rumble from the crowd. Folks no longer want to settle. They want to move out.

I was thrilled to have been re-elected. It was a wonderfully positive vote. I believe it was an affirmation of where we need to go. I have attempted to be clear as to what we need to be about. I have attempted to keep the vision firmly in front. People genuinely seem to want to move out.

It is a new day! There is an opportunity to lead in pro activity. Four years from this time, what might we want to celebrate? Let's decide. Let's be clear. Let's move out!

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