Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today I needed to have conversations with two different people. Both centered around something they had written. One was a statement about me. The other was a communication regarding an ministry I work with.

Both were misleading, in my opinion. Both could have caused a spirit of spite, or a kernel of bitterness to lodge itself in my being. Both could have been fuel for an inner fire that many of us have looking for an excuse to stoke and allow to manifest itself in anger. Both written statements were a bit biting.

What did I do? I talked to the person. I know...we typically don't do this. I was able to chat with one face to face, the other I had to call due to distance. Either way, the conversation was needed and the results were positive.

I was reminded once again that the best way to deal with potential misunderstanding is to talk with the person who can help clear it up. The person who also has a stake in the outcome. How often do people talk to others about someone, instead of talking to the right one? I am reminded of a principle I learned many years ago, and do try to implement: If you are unwilling to talk to the person, don't talk about the person.

Do you have someone you need to converse? Why not take the time to do just that?

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