Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have known this for several weeks, but my daughter had me on a gag order. She wanted to be sure. She wanted to be able to tell some key folks in her own time and in her own way. This has all been achieved, so she informed me I can be more aggressive in my telling. What am I talking about? My one and only daughter is pregnant! That is absolutely correct. I am going to be a granddad! Yipppeee!!!

I have been told that this is the greatest thing for parents. When your kids have kids things really change. I was once told by an experienced grandparent that if they would have known how much fun grandkids were they would have been nicer to their parents. This tells me grand parenting must REALLY be fun, because I was pretty darn nice to this grandchild’s parents.

I am finding there are some interesting tidbits guiding forthcoming grandparents. One, and I had no idea about this, we get to pick what we are called. I just figured we would be grandpa and grandma. But you don’t have to leave this to chance. If you get your name in early you are able to be “branded” with your special moniker.

It actually makes perfect sense. After all, this new little person will only know what something, or someone, is labeled when the adults in their life point and say…. Well you fill in the blank. This being the case my lovely wife has declared herself “Gram” and my daughter has determine that I will be “pappy.” Evidently only the ladies get to pick who is called what. I was actually going to push for the “Grand sage.”

Second, we get to purchase all kinds of stuff for the new baby. The stuff doesn’t have to be practical, nor quiet. It just has to be fun. I like that. When we bought for their parents it was regulated by price and practicality. With grandkids it is regulated by, “We are Gram and Pappy and we believe the little guy or girl will like it.”

Third, we get minimal input into names. It seems the parents prefer total and complete control over this. And they have no problem whatsoever expressing their distain for “Pappy” suggestions. What is wrong with Phil for a boy and Phyllis for a girl?

Still much to learn! And I plan to learn it all each step of the way. I AM GOING TO BE A PAPPY!

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The LeRoys said...

Congrats pappy! This is awesome. Good to see you in Orlando. You are an encouragement.