Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tomorrow my wife and I leave for Orlando. We will be attending the General Conference for The Wesleyan Church. This happens every four years. It is our version of the Republican or Democratic (you choose your party) Convention. Business is conducted on issues related to our movement. Some issues are of vital importance, but as in life the majority of the time is pretty mundane.

I have attended these before. The past two I was a delegate representing my district from the West Coast. This was an enjoyable experience, but for the majority of the time I was somewhat disengaged. Don't get me wrong there were some exciting and unexpected things that happened, but mostly it was a yawner.

This one is much different for me personally. I serve in a position that will be voted on. Could be that this time next week my future will change. If I don't get re-elected then I am looking for something else, somewhere else.

I have been voted on before. This is the nature of the movement I am in, but it was in a local setting not one as wide spread as this. Most of the folks (delegates) voting really don't know me. Most are not that well versed in what I have done, am doing, or will do. I guess that is why even with the human element of voting in play, there is a expectancy of God's participation.

Truth be told, I am confident regardless of the outcome. I did not solicit to get this position so it is really not mine to hold onto any longer than God chooses. My desire has always been to do what I thought was best for the multiplication movement and let the chips fall where they may...even though in my denomination the only chips that are allowed to fall must be in a bag with the word "potato" in front of them.

I will not be doing any blogging until after this is over, so enjoy your days ahead and I will blog at you later.

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