Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am in the airport once again. In the past eleven days I have been in eight different airport terminals. People who typically say travel is glamorous do not travel...much! I await my flight. This one will get me home. And I am ready to be there. Good news is that I don't have to be at another airport, or get on another plane, for another 8 days! Yiiiippppeeeee!!!!!

What I enjoy about travel is the things I get to do when I arrive at my destinations. I spent today with three key leaders in Florida. They have a tremendous vision to see dozens of churches started, and many other churches revitalized that will help begin new churches. And the department I work in we get to help with this.

There is no greater honor. I will gladly, okay a bit grudgingly, get on planes and fly to places that have a heart to spawn a missional multiplication movement that strives to bring churches to vitality that will reproduce. And plant churches in places that have no church presence. This is legacy stuff!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I traveled from Orlando to Tampa today. A nice hour or so drive. The air has not turned humid yet, so the weather (mid 70's to low 80's) is very nice. I am here to meet with a strategy team of the Florida District. They have a big vision, but little resources. They know they have great potential in this growing state, so starting churches is a must!

Hey I read a great quote the other day: Leaders don't have to agree, but they do have to understand.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today was the first full day of the General Board. Overall good meeting. Although I tend to be demotivated by the legislative process. I know it is necessary, but it doesn't challenge me.

Most of the DSes are here. They are a great group of leaders. I have enjoyed connecting with them. They have vision, passion and an authentic desire to see churches growing, healthy and vibrant to reach more for Christ and to multiply.

I sense we, as a movement, are on the edge of exploding. The dream to be participate in m3 (missional multiplication movement) is beginning to emerge. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it is within our grasp. We just need to risk more, lead aggressively, have big faith, hold each other accountable for the right things and try stuff...even though we will fail often. It can happen! But we all need to partner in making it happen.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been away from internet accessibility for a time. Since I last shared I have been to five states. I am writing from the fifth: Orlando. I have taught a class of 19 students in the area of Evangelism and Church Health. I visited two of my three kids in California. I had the opportunity to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a church we helped start in 1998. We invested about 55 folks out from our church. They began minstry to the folks in a growing area called Rocklin. This community is northeast of Sacramento. In their ten years over 400 folks have come to Christ. I would say it was a worthwhile investment.

As I mentioned I am currently in Orlando. I am here to participate in the General Board meeting of the denomination I happen to participate. This meeting has a very full agenda as this June we have our General Conference. This happens every four years so many things will be determined.

I trust we will decided the correct things. It is our vision to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. I trust we will make decisions that will drive us toward vision fulfillment and not get caught up in organizational noise that might deter us from the vision.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I am teaching a FLAME class this week in Stroudsberg, PA. The plan was we to leave Indy late morning and connect through Detroit into Allentown, PA. I understand it is a fairly short vehicle ride from Allentown to Stroudsberg.

It all began well enough. But as we began to move down the runway the pilot reduced the speed very quickly. He moved off the runway to a taxiway. He reved the engine a bit, then came on and gave us the news. It seems a light went on indicating an engine problem. They pulled over to do a check. The light then functioned, but they thought it best to have the mechanic check it out.

Yea for the pilot! I couldn't have agree more, as did the other hundred plus folks. I don't mind tapping the gage in my car and giving it a go, but just as soon not have that happening at 35,000 feet. I like a pilot flying with confidence, not tapping with hope.

We had to change planes. The delay cost me a connection. I will arrive 6 hours later in Allentown than previously scheduled. Well that is my plan. I am actually blogging this from Detroit as I await my new flight. So I write with faith. When I blog next time you will know it all worked out.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Tonight I flew into the hub of activity know as Wausau-Central Wisconsin. Jim Dunn, a co-worker, and I are conducting a one day training tomorrow for about 30 leaders from the state of Wisconsin. Where we arrived may not seem like much to me, but I guess it is central to them; if anything is central to anything in Wisconsin.

The title of the seminar is “The Intentional Missional Church.” It is designed to provide practical insights to how we, as leaders, can be outward looking and lead our churches to be the same. This is our second one. The first one was held in Allentown, PA. Very well received!

I enjoy working and traveling with Jim. He is committed and focused to developing and challenging leaders. It is always nice to work alongside with someone with a shared heart and passion. Although I am sure he cheated at golf the last time we played.

I am hoping those who join us are not too glum. It will be the day after Brett Favre announced his retirement. I am pretty sure the whole state is in mourning. Maybe we should wear a green & gold (Packer colors) arm band as a sign of our shared sadness with them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My wife and I are idol fans. We appreciate the talent of the young men and women who perform. But I have to say the judges are a bit of an engima to me. Ok, a couple of them really bug me!

Randy basically says the same thing with a few variations. Every competitor is a dog, or "yo, yo." They are pitchy and a little rough. They have a strange selection. And it was just "aw right for me."

Paula is a basket case. She rambles and often has a difficult time getting to the point. What I will say is she does try to find something positive to say...even if what she has to say makes little sense.

Simon is the one who is honest, to the point and nails it everytime. People boo him, but he is the one each of the idol "wanna bes" can hardly wait to hear what he has to say. When it is horrible he says it. When it is excellent he applauds it.

There may be some leadership lessons here. "Randy" leaders fall back on what they always do, never getting past worn statements. "Paula" leaders attempt positive reinforcement, but often fail to tell it clearly. "Simon" leaders are honest, forthright and may not always be popular but are listened to. Why? Those who follow know they will get reality and clarity as to direction.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Today it is getting cold and is raining here in Indianapolis. Yesterday it was in the mid-sixties. By tomorrow it will be down in the thirties. I have lived in the midwest now for two plus years. I have yet to "get" the drastic change in weather.

I moved here from California. When I am asked what is the biggest difference between Indiana and California I respond, "The weather makes up its mind in California." This may not be the biggest difference, but it is one.

When it is Spring in California it is warm and stays there. My first Spring here it snowed. Not really my idea of Spring.

Here are a few other differences I have found here:
  • I itch in the winter due to the inside heating drying my skin. I have become a lotion guy.
  • Few people look at my non-tanned exterior as odd, there are many here like that!
  • The weather person relates week-end weather in regards to church. Weather people in California don't mention church
  • I have lots of long sleeved shirts
  • I have learned to wear sweater vests
  • I have discovered I am a "fair-weather" runner. If not for my treadmill I would never run
  • People thing me odd for moving from California to Indy. In California people could never put their finger on what made me odd

Well enough for now.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This morning was nice and casual. We woke just before 7am. We put on a pot of coffee. Once brewed we enjoyed our nice warm cups of coffee sitting in bed. We watched a little news. We tuned into the Hour of Power (I am an unabashed Robert H. Schuller fan...haven't quite made up my mind on Robert A.). I even had a small continental style breakfast, which, yes, I ate in bed.

We seldom do this, but it was very enjoyable. Typically we are up very early, get ready, a quick check on the news of the day and out the door.

Do we feel lazy? Absolutely not! We feel rested and relaxed. We will be off to our church in a few moments. We will enjoy the connections. A nice start to what we trust will be a nice day.