Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My wife and I are idol fans. We appreciate the talent of the young men and women who perform. But I have to say the judges are a bit of an engima to me. Ok, a couple of them really bug me!

Randy basically says the same thing with a few variations. Every competitor is a dog, or "yo, yo." They are pitchy and a little rough. They have a strange selection. And it was just "aw right for me."

Paula is a basket case. She rambles and often has a difficult time getting to the point. What I will say is she does try to find something positive to say...even if what she has to say makes little sense.

Simon is the one who is honest, to the point and nails it everytime. People boo him, but he is the one each of the idol "wanna bes" can hardly wait to hear what he has to say. When it is horrible he says it. When it is excellent he applauds it.

There may be some leadership lessons here. "Randy" leaders fall back on what they always do, never getting past worn statements. "Paula" leaders attempt positive reinforcement, but often fail to tell it clearly. "Simon" leaders are honest, forthright and may not always be popular but are listened to. Why? Those who follow know they will get reality and clarity as to direction.

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chadwickwalenga said...

great illustration phil. i'm sure i'll use it sometime.