Sunday, March 9, 2008


I am teaching a FLAME class this week in Stroudsberg, PA. The plan was we to leave Indy late morning and connect through Detroit into Allentown, PA. I understand it is a fairly short vehicle ride from Allentown to Stroudsberg.

It all began well enough. But as we began to move down the runway the pilot reduced the speed very quickly. He moved off the runway to a taxiway. He reved the engine a bit, then came on and gave us the news. It seems a light went on indicating an engine problem. They pulled over to do a check. The light then functioned, but they thought it best to have the mechanic check it out.

Yea for the pilot! I couldn't have agree more, as did the other hundred plus folks. I don't mind tapping the gage in my car and giving it a go, but just as soon not have that happening at 35,000 feet. I like a pilot flying with confidence, not tapping with hope.

We had to change planes. The delay cost me a connection. I will arrive 6 hours later in Allentown than previously scheduled. Well that is my plan. I am actually blogging this from Detroit as I await my new flight. So I write with faith. When I blog next time you will know it all worked out.

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