Monday, March 3, 2008


Today it is getting cold and is raining here in Indianapolis. Yesterday it was in the mid-sixties. By tomorrow it will be down in the thirties. I have lived in the midwest now for two plus years. I have yet to "get" the drastic change in weather.

I moved here from California. When I am asked what is the biggest difference between Indiana and California I respond, "The weather makes up its mind in California." This may not be the biggest difference, but it is one.

When it is Spring in California it is warm and stays there. My first Spring here it snowed. Not really my idea of Spring.

Here are a few other differences I have found here:
  • I itch in the winter due to the inside heating drying my skin. I have become a lotion guy.
  • Few people look at my non-tanned exterior as odd, there are many here like that!
  • The weather person relates week-end weather in regards to church. Weather people in California don't mention church
  • I have lots of long sleeved shirts
  • I have learned to wear sweater vests
  • I have discovered I am a "fair-weather" runner. If not for my treadmill I would never run
  • People thing me odd for moving from California to Indy. In California people could never put their finger on what made me odd

Well enough for now.

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