Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Tonight I flew into the hub of activity know as Wausau-Central Wisconsin. Jim Dunn, a co-worker, and I are conducting a one day training tomorrow for about 30 leaders from the state of Wisconsin. Where we arrived may not seem like much to me, but I guess it is central to them; if anything is central to anything in Wisconsin.

The title of the seminar is “The Intentional Missional Church.” It is designed to provide practical insights to how we, as leaders, can be outward looking and lead our churches to be the same. This is our second one. The first one was held in Allentown, PA. Very well received!

I enjoy working and traveling with Jim. He is committed and focused to developing and challenging leaders. It is always nice to work alongside with someone with a shared heart and passion. Although I am sure he cheated at golf the last time we played.

I am hoping those who join us are not too glum. It will be the day after Brett Favre announced his retirement. I am pretty sure the whole state is in mourning. Maybe we should wear a green & gold (Packer colors) arm band as a sign of our shared sadness with them.

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