Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today was the annual Fishers Freedom Run. Fishers is the Indianapolis suburb in which I live. Each year, typically the week-end prior to July 4th, they have their Freedom Festival. This is kicked off with their 5k run/walk and family 2 mile walk. Since I ran both last year and now this year, I guess you might say this is an annual event for me.

Last year I ventured out on my own, but this year several friends and family joined in on the festivities. Bob & Lisa, and Heidi and her dad Steve. My lovely wife Joni walked in her first ever "official" run/walk event. Which I was very proud of her for doing. She is just AWESOME!

It was a great day. My goal was to run the course in 24 minutes or less. I finished in 22:54. This was very exciting for me. The others finished in a more extended time, but they did finish. We then all went to breakfast at The Original Pancake House. The truth of it is, I am motivated to run in these events for two primary rewards: 1. The tee-shirts; 2. food. They had bagels for the runners and walkers, but I deferred to the pancakes...yummy!

I had three little pigs in a blanket. This is a cute name for a pork sausage wrapped in a pancake. Each little pig got its own blanket. They sprinkle a bit of powder sugar on them. I add plenty of butter and syrup and you end up with a health food. Come on, how fattening can three little pigs be? Granted, if they were whole pigs we would have a bit of a dietary challenge, but this was just a very small portion. Yes, it is a spin, but what can you do?

Great run! Great friends! Great food! A marvelous way to begin a week-end.

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