Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today we celebrate thirty-three years of marriage. I guess if you are a stickler for details we actually won't be celebrating until around 4:30pm Eastern Daylight Time. It was thirty-three years ago @ 1pm on the West Coast we began the ceremony. I don't remember how long it lasted, but I figure the final "I dos" had to be between 1:30-1:45. Currently we live in Indiana on EDT, so that places it at the four thirty time frame mentioned earlier.

Regardless of the time, we actually began to celebrate yesterday. We went to a movie. Saw Get Smart. Those who recall the TV version will thoroughly enjoy. But even if you are like my older son who said, "It was on TV?" will also enjoy. It is fun, funny and corny. Exactly what you expect from such a movie. We then went to dinner a Qdoba (is this advertising) for dinner. We chose this since the movie coupon got us free chips and salsa.

We continue our celebration today. We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast at Paradise Bakery. Did some chores around the house. Now we are sitting on our back patio in the Indiana sun. Joni reading, me blogging. Later today we have friends over. Life is much about the friendships you make during the journey, so having them over makes perfect sense as part of an anniversary.

We each got one another funny cards. I have to mention I included a Starbucks card in the one I gave. It had thirty-three dollars on it, representing...well thirty-three years. The card I received had the inside of a card. Not to complain. It would be one of the few times I thought ahead.

Our anniversary celebration may not seem romantic or that significant to you. But we have discovered that our marriage is not about impressing others, nor over celebrating. We enjoy our relationship. We don't even have to impress one another any more. We have a deeper love than we did on our honeymoon night and even better...well that is for us to know. The reality is, after thirty-three years we can pretty much celebrate anyway we choose. And we have. And we will.

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