Monday, June 16, 2008


Today is a fly day. I am traveling west (Sacramento, CA) to east (Indianapolis, IN) via Minneapolis, MN. I am quickly adding three hours to my day.

Fortunately, prior to my West Coast departure, I was able to get in a five mile run. This helps to add a sense of achievement to a mostly “sit on your butt and exert little effort” day.

While waiting for my connecting flight in Minneapolis, I am getting to watch the 18th hole of the US Open Playoff. Tiger just birdie, as he did yesterday, to force a sudden death playoff. What a great competition! In this match there will be no loser. A winner yes, but no loser. Sadly I will not get to watch the conclusion, the call of a flight connection.

A lesson in this competition is to do what you can. Play your game. And when those two things are done you can walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

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