Thursday, June 19, 2008


I went to lunch today at Mo's Irish Pub. They have wonderful food and this really great drink. Now before you jump to any conclusions regarding my drinking habits at a pub, it may not be what you think. I had a mango, non-caloric, high energy iced tea. I had it before when eating here, and knew it was mango. But our server today added the non-caloric, high energy, I assume as a "selling" point. What she didn't know was I would have ordered it even if it infused fat into directly into my veins and caused me to fall into a deep sleep. Did I mention the tea tastes really good?

Preparing to head back to my office I asked the server, "May I have a cup of tea to go? I would like a large cup."

"All we have is 8oz cups. Except that child's and they are even smaller." She sounded apologetic. She probably sensed I may have been mentally reducing the tip by percentage points. "Are you sure?" I was almost pleading. But I resigned myself to the inevitable.

She returned with the "tiny" cup. It was like a shot glass of tea (what do you expect at a Pub?). My longed for afternoon of sipping my mango, non-caloric, energy iced tea was gone. I tried to nurse the cup as long as I could, but it was gone by the time I returned to my office. All of two miles from Mo's.

I will go back. And I believe I will take my own "to go" cup. Possibly a 32 ouncer. Did I mention the tea tastes really good.

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