Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tonight I replaced our doorbell. To many this would not be a big deal. But I am not a "fix it" guy. I have limited tools: Basic ratchet set, hammer, pair of pliers and one Phillips and Flathead screwdriver. I know how to use the hammer best. Unfortunately this job demanded the Phillips and Flathead.

Replacing a doorbell demands a multitude of skill sets. I had to remove one bell and replace it with another. I needed to disconnect and reconnect two wires...this is huge! And I did it. I was so excited that it worked I intentionally locked my wife out of the house so she would have to ring the bell to get in.

I am so stoked I am considering removing the ceiling fans I purchased last fall. I am not saying I will attempt to install them, but taking them out of their yet unsealed box would be a show of extreme confidence. I may be a "fix it" guy after all!


Anonymous said...

Dear Phil,
For the love of all that's holy, please do not attempt to fix your ceiling fan!
We are too busy to travel to your funeral.

Laurie J

scott & ashley said...

send the ceiling fans down to us! we need them.