Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today we had the small group we participate in over for a grill out. We have always called this a bar-b-Que, but here in the Midwest it is called a grill out. It makes sense. We didn't bbq anything, but we grilled everything. We grilled hot dogs, brats with little cheese balls build right into them and hamburgers.

Other folks brought great extras. We had an outrageous homemade onion dip. It was hot and cheesey. The only other onion dip I have had was onion soup mix blended with sour cream. I like that too, but this stuff was, well...just let me say I could have buried my face in the middle of the dish and eaten my way out! We also had some homemade bbq (not grilled) beans. These too were excellent. We then finished the whole meal off with some lemon meringue pie and coconut cake. I liked the cake, not a real lemon meringue kind of guy. See no use for meringue. Nothing but sugared air.

All and all a great afternoon. We sat on the back patio under the umbrella. Ate, talked movies and other stuff. Nothing really of eternal value except relationship building...which is really the most eternal work we can do.

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