Monday, July 14, 2008


I flew into Mason City, IA this morning. This is THE smallest airport I have ever flew into, and I have been in some small airports. The terminal has two gates and one airline. When I fly out tomorrow I will probably get an incredible amount of scrutiny. It seems the smaller the airport, the less they have to do, so the more they observe those coming through. I'd be leery of folks who might fly out of such a non-descript place myself.

I drove forty-five minutes to Charles City, IA. I am here to participate in the Iowa-Minnesota District Conference. I arrived around noon. Too early to check into my hotel. The conference did not begin until 7pm. I went into downtown Charles City. The traffic was a bit congested, but I managed to find a neat little coffee shop. It had excellent coffee (by excellent I mean very strong) and free wifi. I spent close to three hours working in the peace of this environment. If I lived here, and I hope I don't, I would enjoy hanging out at this place.

I had dinner with my good friend Al, his wife Pam, and several of the leaders from his church. He even treated! I had steak :)

I attended their district family celebration. Lots of awards. Tons of clapping. Ron McClung, the District Superintendent, is a wonderful leader. He is has instilled much vision into his pastors. He knows how to honor folks. I am glad I got to be with them.

1 comment: editorial staff said...

Charles City is a really nice place to live. Aromas - the coffee place is a great coffee shop. The community really is quaint and is close to major venues for concerts. I'm surprised to hear you say Main Street was congested - that's not typical. Check out our website to see more about "America's Hometown", and thanks for visiting Charles City!