Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Began today very early. I am on the west coast, but on east coast time. I woke up every hour on the hour from 1:30am on. At 5:15am I decided to get up and get my run in. I ran a bit over five miles. I had forgotten the number of hills in San Diego. I am a flat lander, so got a bit more work out. Still I finished my run mostly intact.

I had coffee with Jim Bogear. He is the Lead Pastor of The River Church in Sacramento. He has a great heart for those in his community, especially those disconnected from Christ. They had not seen the number of folks come to Christ as they have in past years...and this bothered him. Nice to come across a leader who is concerned they are not reaching people for Christ as opposed to some other fringe concern. Winning people to Christ is our main thing. Jim wants to keep it that way for his congregation. May his tribe increase.

Drove to Oceanside. This is a community about 45 miles north of San Diego. I had lunch with Mark Williams. He is the Vice-President of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). They have trained thousands of church planters all over the world. God has really enlarged the "I" of dcpi. His heart is to see churches plant churches, so we get along marvelously.

Tonight, however, will be the highlight of my trip. I get the privilege to pray for my friend Jeff Jennings. He is getting ordained tonight. He has asked that I pray over him during this service. It is a high honor. Jeff is an incredible leader who develops leaders. He has a deep passion to see people come to Christ. He wants to see the church he has just been called to Pastor to multiply many congregations. He is called, gifted and been granted a God-sized vision. I am thrilled to play this small role in his journey.

Different people, doing different things, in different places...but this they have in common: They are uncommon leaders relentless pursing their God-given visions!

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