Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today I got pictures of Brophee at eleven weeks in the womb. This is my designation for my grandchild. If he is a boy his name will be Brodee, and a girl Sophee. Thus I have dubbed he/she Brophee.

The little person has long legs. His dad has long legs, so the child comes by it naturally. In one picture the baby has his/her arm resting on the forehead. He/she is very much lounging. This is where the resemblance to me (Pappy) comes in. I am very good a lounging.

September we find out the rightful name as that is when the sex will be noted. Whether Brodee or Sophee I believe he/she will be very cute and adorable. I have great plans for this child. Lots of fun. I can hardly wait.

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