Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today was the district conference for Pacific Southwest. This is my home district. I always enjoy being here. Great people! Great enthusiasm! Huge vision. Two years ago this district spun off a Hispanic District. Now they are cultivating the growing Korean population in their district. I would not be surprised if they spin off a Korean District in the not too distant future. It goes to show you that believers multiply believers, churches multiply churches and districts can multiply districts.

Two HUGE highlights for me: First, Vicki, the church administrator at the church the conference is held, brought me a apple fritter. Never mind I have been begging her for weeks to bring this the morning of conference, that she did it was greatly appreciated. I have no idea where she gets these, but they are the best fritter I have ever had. Second, and really THE highlight, was getting to hang out with my oldest son. We sat next to one another. Shared some laughs. Just simply got to be together. I don't get to do this enough so it was awesome.

I head back to Indy later today. Ready to be home for three whole days before heading to Iowa.

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