Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today I traveled to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This is a community of about 35,000 folks situated roughly 40 miles NE of Tulsa. It is HOT here! Low nineties. I am here for the Tri-State District Conference.

I am staying at the Phillips Hotel. This is an old hotel with a great history and a lot of class. I enjoy staying here. It is not your typical chain accommodations. It is warm and welcoming.

I do have a dilemma I am attempting to figure out. I connected on a flight through Minneapolis. I had a two hour lay over. While there I got some crackers individually wrapped in you know what I am talking about? Anyway, when I ripped them open, the little piece that came off stuck to my hand. Has this ever happened to you? I mean it clings. I tried to remove it off one finger and it simply attached itself to another finger. I don't know if it is static electricity, or some sick joke being played by those who package those crackers; but it can almost be designated a sport. Who can open their crackers and get the cellophane off their fingers the fastest.

I did finally get to eat my crackers. It really wasn't that difficult after I learned to hold them with little cellophane pieces stuck to my fingers. Actually, it made holding the cracker a bit more sterile. Kind of like little individual latex gloves, only cellophane. What?

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