Monday, July 28, 2008


Spent a wonderful week with all of our kids and spouses on an Alaskan cruise. Ryan & Desyrae Stevenson (Natomas, CA), Drew & Megan Simpson (Roseville, CA), Scott & Ashley Stevenson (McKinney, TX) and us Phil & Joni Stevenson (Fishers, IN). Friday, we departed from Seattle, WA and cruised full speed to Juneau, Alaska. A leisurely over night trip to Skagway. A day at a glacier. A day in Prince Rupert, Canada and then back to Seattle.

There was glorious scenery. We saw bald eagles, baby bald eagles, humpback whales, Orcas, playful porpoises, seals and many very interesting people. Here is a quick overview of my memories.

  • Being with family and laughing alot
  • Walking the interesting streets of Downtown
  • Watching them throw fish at Pike's Market
  • Drinking coffee at the original Starbucks
  • Eating Pizza for my wife's B-day
  • Running through the squirting fountain
  • Eating repulsive jelly belly's (e.g. vomit flavor...can that be a flavor)


  • Being with family and laughing alot
  • Ping pong (Ryan & Drew won the doubles tourney, Scott and I lost to Joni and Megan in round one...we will never get over that)
  • Drinking lemonade in the jacuzzi on a cold day
  • Running with Scott & Ryan from the jacuzzi to the pool...not a bright idea
  • Dressing up for dinner
  • Eating breakfast with the family and watching the glacier from a few hundred yards
  • Watching the shows
  • Playing canasta
  • Sitting and talking
  • Dinner around a nice round table with the whole family
  • Telling our server, AJ, excellent while extending two thumbs up
  • Getting lost on the ship the first day out...they are really big and I didn't have my glasses on.
  • Drinking Seattle's Best Coffee early in the morning
  • Seeing Orcas
  • Watching a large group of porpoises run with the ship


  • Being with family and laughing alot
  • Bus trip to the glacier
  • Going in shops
  • Purchasing an jade grizzle bear with a Salmon in its mouth


  • Being with family and laughing alot
  • 15 mile bike ride...mostly downhill, but the uphill into the wind made up for the downhill
  • Espresso after the bike ride
  • Walking with family around town


  • Being with family and laughing alot
  • Eating fish & chips
  • Playing darts with Ryan where we ate fish & chips
  • Playing pool with Ryan where we ate fish & chips
  • Tim Horton's (my Canadian friends know what I am talking about)
  • Visiting the Sunken Garden

This was just the tip of the iceberg regarding my recollections. But enough said for now.

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