Thursday, April 10, 2008


It has been quite awhile since I etched on the electronic glass. Partly due to schedule and mostly due to feeling I haven't had much to say. Then again this assumes when I do blog I have something to say, but that is left to whomever chooses to check in.

Currently I am on the road with my colleague, Jim. We are presenting a one day seminar entitled "The Intentional Missional Church." The focus is on personal maturity, leadership, discipleship and getting the church to look beyond itself. This is not easy. Most of us prefer to look inward. The outward glance is time intensive and usually will put us in a bit of discomfort. Most don't gravitiate toward such a position.

Ease of existence is most desired. I recently saw an ad in USA Today that said: "No dieting + No exercise = effortless weight loss." This was followed by: Is it magic or is it science? I'll tell you what it is, it is wrong. But this is what we want, results with no effort.

This is the world of make believe. Weight loss does not happen effortlessly and churches do not turn around without effort. The sooner we understand this and begin to invest the time, energy and effort we will see more churches make the tough choices that will move them toward effectiveness.

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