Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I traveled to Ottawa, Canada today. I am here to do a presentation on m3 (Missional Multiplication Movement) to the Central Canada District of The Wesleyan Church. They are determined to make multiplication as a central component of their district. They want to begin the process of re-engineering their DNA. May their attitude begin to infect other districts.

I enjoy my trips to Canada. It is a beautiful country with great people. I get to feel a bit cross cultural without learning a new language. Okay, Canadians do have a bit of a twist on some of their pronunciations, but I mostly understand them. They also have Tim Horton's. I love Tim Horton's. Tim's is a coffee place. I love coffee! And when I am here I drink a lot of Tim's!

Canadian drivers also give "real" right-a-way to pedestrians. By real I mean they actually stop for those folks on two feet who step into the street. In the States pedestrians are suppose to have the right-a-way, but those of us who have walked in streets south of Canada know this is simply a concept.

On this trip I did discover even my Canadian friends have a limits to pedestrians. I went on a jog. It seems deferring to those stepping into streets only applies to those meandering. Which is pretty much the speed I jog, so I am not sure why I was not mistaken for a walker.

It also doesn't apply to those walking across parking lots. I was making my way across a large parking lot heading toward, that's right, Tim's! An older man was turning his car. Now he had the entire expanse of the parking lot to make his turn, but evidently I was in his favorite turning place. He headed right toward me. Fortunately he missed.

Crossing streets and drinking Tim's. This a little piece of out of country heaven.

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