Friday, April 18, 2008


I traveled from Ottawa to Halifax. Left 24c (78d) weather for 13c (56d) weather. A bit rainy, but Denn, the E&CG Director for the Atlantic district promised sunshine on Saturday.

I am here to meet with Denn and some planters. Denn and I will review the district planting strategies. We will be having lunch on the water with the planters.

I gained an hour here. My eleven pm has quickly become midnight. I am looking forward to a relaxing Saturday morning. I will take a run, do some work then meet Denn and his wife for lunch with the others.

Being out here in the field where the rubber meets the road is an enjoyable part of my job. Denn came here over ten years ago with just his family. He dug the church, Cornerstone, he leads out of nothing. They now average over 2oo, but it was not without challenge, frustration, a wondering if he could hang on. But hang on he did. Now there is a vibrant missional outpost here. He even daughtered another church about fifteen minutes away. Great stuff!

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