Friday, April 25, 2008


Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz got it right when she realized there was no place like home. Today was my first full day home in nine days. I took it off. That's right! I am a slacker. Joni joined me in my "slackerhood." I didn't even set the alarm. I got up when I woke up. Took a quick run. We then journeyed to Paradise Bakery for a wonderful breakfast treat and drink. I had coffee, Joni had iced tea.

We meandered through the Kroger's. We have begun to stock up on grilling items. We are not quite to the time when we can grill and eat outside. It was beautiful today, but tomorrow it takes another one of those Midwest temperature dives. I still don't get it!

We went to a movie. Once again we found ourselves the ONLY people in the theater. Evidently we have discovered the very best time to attend movies, or we have the most unique taste in movies, or, unbeknownst to us, they are beginning to make movies just for us. Since there is no scientific way to determine this, I choose the third option.

And, I got to mow my lawn today. The first of the year. I mowed and edged. I love this! I get to actually finish a project. This is a luxury in my life. And there is no phone to bother me, or e-mail to answer. I just to get to be.

In one week I am running in a mini-marathon (13.2 miles). Tomorrow I am suppose to take my last distance run prior to this event. It is my goal to run ten plus miles. This I can't believe. So if I don't blog for awhile it is simply because I am too tired, laying beside the road exhausted, or just decided I didn't have much to say.

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