Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I had lunch with three wonderful leaders from the Atlantic District. Denn Guptiul, Kevin Wilson & AJ Thomas. We ate at a neat little place right on the water called Salty's. Most of us had fish of some kind. The majority being fish and chips (F&C). Very good! I made sure I had plenty of malt vinegar and some excellent tartar sauce to enhance my F&C. I have had my best F&C in Canada. If you know of a better country to try them let me know.

Denn leads the church planting charge for the district. He planted his church eleven years ago. He has a wonderful facility. They have become the community church. In a few minutes I will be heading out to their Saturday night service.

AJ is in the very beginning stages of planting Deep Water. It is in the heart of downtown Halifax. They currently meet in a theater. This church got a nice jumpstart from Hillside which resides across the bay in Dartmouth. Two different kinds of churches reaching different folks. The beauty of planting.

Kevin just took over a church that was planted, I believe, about seven years prior. He followed the planter, Dean Brown. Hearing his heart and passion for the people of the church and the community he will do an outstanding job of taking this church to a new level. They currently meet in a high school.

If God brings it to mind pray for Kevin, AJ and Denn. They are harvesting fruit in the ministry field of Nova Scotia.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that AJ fellow sounds like an amazing man. What a privilege for you to have the honor of working with a guy like that. Truly you are blessed.

The AJ Thomas said...

Hi Phil - Thanks so much for taking us out the other day. it was great.