Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Three words that inspired a nation. Three words that rallied people to care. Three words that called people to action. Three words that framed a campaign. Three words that motivated a man to an improbable election.

Yes we can! Was the clear, consice message of, now, President Barack Obama. He kept it simple. He kept it clear. He kept it believable. He got people to buy in because they could understand his message. Leaders need to learn from this.

Inspiration comes before implementation. Uninspired people will not implement a plan. Uninspired people will not pay the price change demands. Uninspired people will not believe, act, trust, innovate, persist or hope.

The things needed for us, as a country, to overcome our present challenges needs inspiration. Our new President understands this. He has given us a sense of hope! He has given us the feeling we can win! We can overcome! We can achieve! We can make a difference!

The critics say it is hype. The critics say he lacks substance. The critics say he will never deliver! I am going to choose to believe the critics are wrong.

I like his inspiration. I like his clarity of vision. I like that he stays on message. I like that he refuses to believe that it can't be done. I like his optimism. I like he has seemed to rally the world. I like he knows WE have to do this together.

Might we fulfill the "Yes we can" message? I don't know. But lets give it a go! Why not? Something special has happened today at this inaugation. We best not miss it. Change is coming. We might as well particiapte.

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