Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It began yesterday afternoon...snow! It fell through the night and has continued this morning and is still falling. I think it is around ten inches and still accumulating. The office has been closed for the day. This was an excellent call as the roads are snowy, icy and dangerous. And, I get to work from home, which I really like. I have Internet, a cell phone, coffee pot (and Starbucks coffee) and privacy. What more could a person ask for?

I really don't mind the snow. It is beautiful! I just don't like to travel in it. I was out of town until Monday night of this week. I got in just before all this mess hit. And I am not scheduled to travel again until this coming Monday and it should all be gone by then...perfect :)

Probably the biggest benefit of all this snow is that I get to use my snow blower! I love using my snow blower. It is exhilarating to sprew snow. It is exciting to see a snow covered driveway and sidewalk clean and neat looking. It is just fun to start a project and finish it in a timely fashion. Later today I will take on this project. I will enjoy every minute of it. Snow that falls is snow that is meant to be removed.

Today will be a good day! Inside, warm, productive and, later, the opportunity to throw snow. Now this is the high life. And I don't even need a Miller to savor it!

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