Friday, January 23, 2009


This week I officially completed the residency portion of my DMin. Thinking back to January 2007, when I began this residency process, I thought it would never be here. But here it is! Now, the real work begins...the Thesis-Project.

A Thesis-Project is much like a dissertation, except practical. It is to go beyond mere theory into something that is applied and tested for results. Not that dissertations aren't practical, but for sure this must be something I can use in my ministry. I both look forward to and dread it at the same time. It will be a great deal of work. It will be time intensive. I trust I am up for the task. My goal is to walk in graduation May 2011. This is the goal of each of my cohort buddies. It would be a kick to walk with them.

If all goes well, in just a few short months, I will be able to claim the Dr. Phil title. Some have assumed I have had this. Therefore, in some introductions or program listings they have bestowed this on me. If it were only that easy! Soon my work will catch up with the assumptions of others.

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Jeremiah said...


Make sure you get Mark to add that "Dr." to your name on the Wesleyan Bloggers page. It's too expensive not to.