Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tim Tebow is the quarterback of the National Champion Florida Gators. This, however, is not who he is. Who he is is a Christ-follower. And as a Christ-follower he uses opportunities God provides to be his representative. He just happens to have a larger public platform than many.

He, as many players, wears a black strip under his eyes. He, as many players, uses them as a mini billboard. I have seen players use these strips to give props to their home town through the writing of their area code. Some greet their moms with the ever present "Hi Mom."

Tebow chooses to use his a bit differently. During the regular season he emblazoned Phil 4:13 on those black strips. But for the largest of college platforms he wrote John 3:16. According to USA Today (1.15.09) "...for a time that evening, it was the most popularly searched item on Google." Imagine, thousands were discovering how much God loved them as they watched college football.

This is an example of living missionally. Living missionally is our willingness, as Christ-followers, to simply represent Jesus where we are. It is true, most of us won't have the platform of a BCS Championship Game (well, I have many times in my mind), but each of us has places we do have the opportunity to represent him.

II Cor. 5:17ff tells us we are his ambassadors. We have a ministry of reconciliation. We have the wonderful opportunity to be Jesus in our worlds...whatever and wherever those worlds might be. So what will you write on your black eye strip?

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