Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tony Dungy retired as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. This guy was quality. What made him that way? Was it his relationship with his players? His ability to connect with the young men he lead into to football combat? His uncanny skill in bringing out the best in his teams without profanity, screaming and over the top emotion? Was it the many current head football coaches (Herm Edwards, Lovie Smith, Mike Tomilson) he mentored? Or was it his commitment to his family?

NO! These were observable evidence of that which made him quality. It was his relationship with Jesus. Not just a verbalized religion, but a genuine deep abiding connection with God through Jesus. He shared this. But more than that he lived it. Bob Kravitz, sports writer for the Indianapolis Star, said it best: "There are people you meet in life who profess great religious faith and then live a hypocritical lie of an existence. And then there is Tony Dungy...."

Yes, then there is Tony Dungy. His quiet strength. His deep reservoir of confidence. His simple trust in God. A trust that carried him through the loss of his son. A trust that kept him steady in the typically ups and downs of a NFL season.

The NFL will go on. The Colts had pre-planned for this day having Associate Head Coach, Jim Caldwell, ready to go. But it will have lost an inspiration in Tony Dungy.

He, too, will go on. He could walk away even though he still could have coached effectively for many more years. But football never defined him, his faith did. And whatever he chooses to do this same faith will define him in that as well.

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