Monday, April 6, 2009


Brody, or Bro-frog, as we like to refer to him is my eldest grandson. He is only two months old, but his cousin, Eli, is not due until May so this makes him the old guy. We celebrated his two month B-day at Lucille's BBQ. They have the best beef ribs since my mother-in-laws. And this is high praise. Brody actually slept the whole time, but me, grandma, mom, dad, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Des all enjoyed the food. He was simply the excuse we used to gather for the excellent feast.

Last night Joni (grandma) and I (Pappy) got to babysit. Brody's parents went out to eat with friends. I had my knees bent and was helping him stand on them. He was up very high. He was looking down on the world has he knew it. He looked down at me and flashed me the biggest smile. It was if he was saying, "Pappy I am king of the world!" And he was.

He has a great smile. He is learning to communicate through coos and and grunts. He is awesome! If you want to follow little Bro-frog he is currently starring on twitter.

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