Sunday, April 19, 2009


E-mail is wonderful. Twittering is fun. Facebook is...well I really have no idea I have never been in that world. But regardless of the written medium we use and pictures we share there is still much to be said for chatting face to face.

This past week I had some e-mail back and fourths with a friend. I was told that an e-mailed comment I had made was "catty." I did not see it that way. And after a few back and fourths via the "e" I felt the conversation needed to be done. I am not sure it needed to be over, but it did need to be done. It was clear any further conversation via that media stream would do nothing for our relationship except deepen a potential rift.

It reminded me again how volatile these symbols on a page can be. Words communicate much, but nothing can take the place of sitting across from someone sharing thoughts, expressing feelings and showing emotion. This is where real communication takes place. This is where relationships are strengthened. This is where the stuff of life and friendships are forged. And all of this is built on trust. No trust no honesty!

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Mike Skor said...

Good words! I can't agree more...