Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was in McKinney, Texas earlier this week. I was able to combine a teaching stop and a visit with my son, Scott, and his lovely wife Ashley. Tuesday morning I went out on a morning run. I had run the previous two days, but on this morning I took a different route. Not sure this was the best idea.

My plan was to run about 4 miles. But half way through I realized I was not real sure how to get back to Scott & Ashley's house. Now their house sits right next to two large antenna towers. On these towers are flashing lights. Scott had told me to always look for those towers, head toward them and I could easily find their house. And I am sure he is correct; unfortunately on this day it was foggy. I could see no towers. I was on my own at ground level.

The good news I have had experience in being lost on a run in somewhat unfamiliar territory. I have found it best to keep running until you see something, anything, that has some semblance of familiarity. For me it was a street. I found a street that Scott and I had been on the day before. This was the good news. The bad news was if I went the wrong way on the street I would be going away from, not toward their house. And since I am prone toward being directionally challenged there would be no guarantee I would move in the correct direction.

I was able to find my way back, which is why I am able to write this blog. A residual benefit was I actually put in an extra mile plus of running. I also learned when it doubt...keep moving! Sooner or later you will find the way home.

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