Friday, April 10, 2009


It is not uncommon to see people running in the rain. I never quite understood this. Why do this? Why run in the rain? So you skip one day, or you simply run on a treadmill. Yes, I know from experience that treadmill running is not much fun, and boring, but better that than getting soaked, or sick. Then where would their running schedules be? I have often commented to my wife, when seeing a person running in the rain, "Those people are idiots!"

My wonderful wife is a optimist and very practical. She would say to me, "Maybe when they started running it wasn't raining and they just decided to keep running after the rain began." Logically, this makes perfect sense. But I never brought it...until today!

Today changed everything. I went out on my run this morning. I started later in the morning as it was raining. And since I am no idiot I felt it best to wait a bit and probably take the day off. But the rain stopped and the forecast was for partially cloudy skies, with rain decreasing. I discovered "decreasing," not ceasing, being the optimum word.

I started my run under cloudy skies. Roughly a mile or so in it began to drizzle. I kept running because drizzle really isn't rain, and only idiots run in the rain. Another half-mile or so, the drizzle turned to a spring-like rain. And I continued to run as spring-like is not a genuine rain, and only idiots run in the rain. Heading into my third mile the spring-like became RAIN.

Now I kept running because I was into this now, and there was no way I was going to stop. Not to mention I would have to get home and running would get me there faster than walking. I thought to myself, "I should have suggested to Joni she come look for me if it started to rain."

I arrived close to home soaking wet. Fortunately I wear a hat when running so the hat's brim provided some protection. But shirt, shoes, socks, hat, shorts...all very wet. Joni drove up. She had seen the rain begin and decided to come and try to find me. I loved her thoughtfulness. I told her how much I appreciated her thinking of it. She said, "I know you say only idiots run in the rain, so I thought I should come get you."

I think it was her nice way of letting me know she doesn't think I'm an idiot, even though I ran in the rain. My attitude has changed. Now I feel sorry for all those runners who get caught in unexpected rain.

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