Thursday, May 29, 2008


I spent yesterday with eight leaders from the Wisconsin District. Dan Bickel is giving excellent leadership in church multiplication. He is steadily, but surely leading toward this team becoming a m3 (Missional Multiplication Movement) District.

They have planted eight churches in the last seven years. Their vision is to plant, at least, twelve more by 2020. Ten percent of their district budget is directed toward church planting. Dan challenges all of his Pastors and local leadership teams to participate in the parenting of new churches. His passion and heart is catching on.

One church in a very rural area has committed ten percent of their budget to invest in new churches. Two other churches are beginning plans to daughtering a church. The passion to infiltrate this district with the life changing message of Jesus through planting new missional outposts is expanding.

This team of leaders could have identified all kinds of reasons why they could not move toward missional multiplication. They could identify the large number of small communities with populations under 5000 as not open to new churches. They could have bemoaned the fact that their larger churches (the ones most leveraged to daughter) were not close to their major metropolitan areas. They could have used a lack of financial resources as leaving them short of funding as they would like. They could have used a variety of reasons as excuses; instead they simply decided to do!

Many can find excuses not to participate in missional multiplication movements. Why not simply make the call to get involved? Do what you can!

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