Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I arrived in Rapid City, SD late last night. Once I got to my hotel and settled in it was way past my bed time.

I did get up in enough time to get in my run. I got in about five miles. It was clear and cool, but not cold. A few hills, but not too bad. But I really don't like hills.

We had a very productive Wesleyan Native American Board meeting. Lots of material to cover. And we got through the key items. Afterward we made our trek to a small community called Hill City.

This town rests at the feet of the Black Hills. It is beautiful. In this tourist village resides a eatery known as The Alpine Inn. After hours of conversation and decision making it is the perfect place to eat. Each dinner includes a lettuce wedge with house dressing, baked potato, Texas toast and a steak. The only decision you have to make is 6oz or 9oz portion of meat. It is perfect! I also had some bread pudding. This is one of my two favorite post dinner entrees. It was covered in Carmel sauce. And YES! I will run tomorrow.

We then took a trip to view the "Big Heads." This is popularly referred to as Mount Rushmore, but I prefer "Big Heads." Why? Easier to say and I think it is funny. I my be in my thoughts of humor regarding this self-imposed moniker, but so what! Nothing wrong with a self-induced smile.

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