Sunday, May 18, 2008


I arrived in High Point, NC this morning. I had the opportunity to make some great connections. Had lunch with the Gaspersons. A super couple who planted a church and now are pursuing some other ministry endeavors.

Spent time with Jerry Lunston. He is the Assistant DS for the NC West District. He has a great heart for strengthening churches and moving them toward multiplication.

I then was able to have dinner with the Leroys and Mullins. They are the DS and Assistant DS for NC East. Great time of conversation!

I picked up Jim Dunn at the airport tonight. It took me longer than anticipated to get there. I had rented a GPS. Unbelievably I got lost using it. I have better luck with mapquest hard copies strewn all over the passenger seat than I did with the GPS voice "talking" me through.

Jim and I are here to conduct our Intentional Missional Church seminar. This has been received well by leaders. It is a great opportunity to emphasize that evangelism and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. A mature disciple will evangelize and genuine evangelism always results in a person becoming a maturing disciple. This is Great Commission stuff. It is the stuff we need to be about doing.

Tomorrow when we wrap up I head for Rapid City. I get in there late tomorrow night. So I don't' anticipate blogging much prior to Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Phil,

Attended your presentation at Victory Mountain yesterday. Thank you for some 'take action' material. I returned for a local board meeting last night. I was inspired to share a vision for 08-09.
Trust God to keep you safe on your missionary (missional) journies. I will be sure to attend any meeting you facilitate.

Al Thompson
Goldsboro Wesleyan