Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am not really a big fan of mountain or central time zones. The TV programs I like come on way too early, so I miss them. One positive, however, is I do get to watch the beginning of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In my city this comes on at 11:30pm. This translates into seldom viewing the humor of Jay. But in the mountain or central zones this moves to the 10:30pm hour. Much more viewer friendly for people like me. What kind of people? Those who are a bit older and don't mind falling asleep earlier than later.

Last night Jay quipped: "They are looking for water and ice on Mars. Hey! We have water and ice here, why not look for oil. We need oil." I thought this was hilarious.

Why do we look for more of what we have, instead of looking for that which we are limited, or are in need? I don't look for patience, although I need it. I tend to go after that which I already things to laugh about. I laugh fairly easy, and I enjoy it. Nothing wrong with this, but there are things I should pursue that might balance this out. Like being still, or quiet, or not getting in the last word.

Will I make the choice to attempt to be still, quiet or resisting the last word? I like to think I will, but hopefully as I do I will find reasons to laugh as well.

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