Sunday, February 3, 2008


Its here! The close of my holiday season. I begin the holidays with Thanksgiving and conclude it with the Super Bowl. Neither of my teams, Chargers/Colts, made it. So I simply want a good game.

I am blogging while watching the pre-game stuff. Lots of diversity. Although I am not sure what I think about Ryan Seacrest and the Red Carpet. It seems to me if a Red Carpet is needed at all for a football game it ought to at least have grass stains on it.

Paula Abdul has just finished her debut song of "Dance Like There is no Tomorrow." First time she has released a song in many years. I am not a media critic, but if she wants to wait ten plus years until the next one I am sure few would be disappointed.

I love the commericals. I actually look foward to them. You know it has to be a special day when the ads get as much media attention as the game. Commercials promote the commercials. There must be an illustration there somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is.

I am off to a party soon. Food and football! I am already looking forward to the next holiday season.

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