Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today we got a dose of snow and ice. First time in awhile I had to scrape my windshield. I chatted with a friend from San Diego. He told me it was 90 there. Pretty close to the 20's I found myself. Fortunately I had little reason to be outside. In fact I spent my day in the confines of my warm office. I like snow & ice best when I view it from my office and/or house window.

This coming Saturday I am registered to run in a 5K. It is suppose to be thirties and sunny. I trust this will be the case. I am pretty much a "sissy" runner. That is I prefer to have perfect outdoor running conditions. The treadmill can be boring, but it is warm. I have two other guys I am running with, so positive peer pressure will get me to the course regardless of the weather.

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