Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today I am at Asbury Seminary. We are doing a pre-assessment for potential church planters. 16 potential planters are here. These 16 are currently attending Asbury Theological Seminary. They have come to explore the possibility of planting a church.

The National Superintendent of New Zealand of The Wesleyan Church is also here. He is attending the Beeson Program offered here. We are sharing ideas as to how to effectively minister in an increasingly secular society.

There is a team of us sharing our hearts and experience: Chris Conrad (Director of Church Planting for The Wesleyan Church), Jesse Pratt (Church Planter), Bryan Feathers (Director of Church Planting for the Ohio District of The Wesleyan Church), and Genetta Herrera (Founder of Great team! Great talents!

What do I see when I look around this room? I see a variety of new churches that may bubble up out of the hope, vision and heart of those here. They all may not plant a church, but they all will participate in a missional multiplication movement. In reality it is not about church planting, but missionally engaging our culture through a variety of methods.


kerry said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated the blogs you have done so far. My favorite so far: the settling in versus the setting out leader. Thanks!

Chadwick Walenga said...

hey phil,

after i read this, ( i thought about the old emergent wesleyan website. any chance on giving that another go?