Sunday, February 10, 2008


The article's title of today's Indianapolis Star caught my attention: "Are we ready for a black president?" The same question has been asked as to our national readiness for a woman president.

I am not a political pundit. I am not an expert on anything democratic or republican. I do, however, find fascination with the process. I sense this is an exciting time in our political process. And like many I have opinions.

This being said, I have an opinion to the question posed by the article's title. I think it makes absolutely no difference if our next President is black, a woman, an elder statesman or whatever other label the media might create. I think what is needed is competency! Regardless of their color, ethnic background, age or sex if they can do the job, if they can lead, if they can inspire us beyond ourselves, if they can help us believe in ourselves and our America we are ready for them.

This is what JFK did in the few years he gave the country in the 60's. He dreamed big dreams. He challenged us to look toward the moon. He courageously stared down Russia during the Cuban missle crisis.

This is what Regan did in the 80's. He reignited the imgination of the American People. We believed enough to risk again. We took pride in our nation. We attempted to the do the right thing more often the wrong.

I do not suggest an attempt to recreate what they did, but to learn from their effectiveness. We are in a very different environment, but regardless leaders with courage, insight, vision and commitment to right change will always be followed.

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