Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today the two ladies that work in my office were gone. This left me, Chris Conrad and Traver Butcher. We delcared it "guys day." Traver created a sign we placed outside our office. It had pictures of "real" guys, guys: Bruce Willis, Tom "Top Gun" Cruise and others. The text included on the sign made it clear that today was guys day and people should enter at their own risk.

Chris loudly played music from Rocky. We talked very loud. We relaxed in our conversation not worried if the sports topics we chose would leave the ladies out. No worries it was "guys day!"

Every person who entered our office suite commented on our sign. We would come out and greet them letting them know the benefits of "guys day." We went to a guys lunch. We went to sports bar. It too was loud and the food was excellent.

This was really a fun day. We even got work done. Maybe we will make every Valentine's Day "guys day" in the office.

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