Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just returned from spending four days with my grandson Brody (oh, yeah, his parents were there too). He is going on five weeks old and I am discovering he is very mature for his age. He smiles a little bit, moves his head with great strength and agility. His fingers are long. They are perfect for palming a basketball or swatting down opposing quarterback pass attempts. Training on these two skills will begin in the next month or two.

We, along with his mom (Megan, my daughter) and grandma (Joni, my wife), visited Old Sacramento. This is primarily a tourist place, but nice to stroll around. I got to push him in the stroller and carrying him in a contraption that hangs off my chest. Kind of like a reverse back pack. There is a neat name for it, I just have forgotten. He sits in it facing forward so he can view all the sites. He loves being outside! I know he will thoroughly enjoy it when I push him in his first 5K. I have found one that we can do when I am on vacation out his way in August.
It will be close to three weeks before I see him again, in person. I will get lots of pictures, but nothing compares to personal eye to eye contact. I actually will arrive on his two month birthday. He will get to pick where we go to celebrate. I hope I like his taste.

He has gained two lbs since his arrival. He is beefing up. At this rate he will be growing a beard when I return.

His cousin, Eli, is due on the scene the first of May. They will be fun to watch together. I got to see a 3-D color picture of Eli on this trip. Incredible! He is good looking. His leg was up on his shoulder. So he will either be a gymnast, contortionist, or very sore from all those weird positions. I can hardly wait to meet him.

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