Friday, March 6, 2009


I heard that Barbie...the turning fifty years of age. On a CNN broadcast I caught that some group is up in arms about Barbie and her maker (Mattel, not God). It seems that they see her as putting beauty over brains. They think Mattel should stop marketing her as she says all the wrong things to young girls. Barbie communicates that young women have to pursue beauty. And it is only the beautiful girls that get noticed.

First, let me say, she is a DOLL!! Now that I have this off my mind I have a few more comments.

It seems to me the Barbie critics have it all wrong. Can't a woman be both attractive and smart? I know lots of women who have both outer beauty and a highly developed intellect. They are not mutually exclusive. Would they not be the ones belittling women?

How do you make an intelligent looking doll? Do you have them wearing glasses? Then might you be stating that only smart people wear glasses (which I personally agree with, as I wear glasses). Or do you dress them conservatively? So people with a developed intellect are not suppose to be casual in dress or demeanor? Or would an unattractive doll be a better indicator of insightful people? I don't even want to go there.

I did not catch what group this was who is dismayed a Barbie. Whoever they are I am sure they will find another doll to criticize. I suggest Betsy Wetsy...can't believe we would tolerate a doll that lacks bladder control. What is that commuicating to the youth of America on discipline.

Why don't we just assume Barbie is both attractive and smart. After all she has survived fifty years. Got to know something to do that and look as good as she does.

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