Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Monon Trail is a wonderful bike/skate/run/walk path in Indy. It stretches roughly 15 miles beginning in Carmel and ending in downtown. I believe it use to be a portion of a rail line. It runs through portions of quaint areas of Carmel, Fishers, and Broadripple. There also are parks and beautiful wooded areas.

Today I went on a bike ride. I did a turn around. Went about 45 minutes down and turned around and ended where I parked my vehicle. I estimate I traveled about 19 miles. I like to think it was not an evangelistic estimate.

There are many interesting people on this trail. One thing I noted was the number of very "stout" people riding bikes. Their physical stature did not represent bike riding as an effective weight loss method. Well, maybe today was their first day actually fulfilling a New Year's resolution. At least they started.

In line skaters are scary. They weave and move their arms so erratically it seems they are going to swoop from their side of the path right into you. When I saw them heading at me I was a bit nervous.

Slow walkers are the biggest hazard. I was not sure why they even were allowed on the trail. Talking and meandering down the asphalt path. Do they not know leisure walks need to be reserved for nature trails and not BIKE paths!

My favorite sight was the lady running with a dauschaund (you know, a wiener dog). She was keeping a fairly brisk pace, but this little dog with its long torso was doing pretty well. Well good for her and the dog. I can imagine that little pooch will sleep very well tonight.

It was a glorious day. Good exercise and a great deal of interesting folks.

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