Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today was the last day of the Leadership by Design Class. We discussed missional organizations. How they might be defined? How they might be composed.

We defined a missional organization as tool for achieving the incarnational presence of Jesus through helping people live transformed lives in order to transform lives.

We listed the following components as those that may be a part of the make up of such an organization.

Missional leadership (those who understand the missional culture)
Ebb & Flow Leadership (shared leadership dictated by ability)
Empowering systems (people can decide at the nearest point of impact)
Flat organization (few, if any layers)
Flexible organization (speed boat)
Team trust (transparent authenticity)
Clarity of purpose (no misunderstanding)
Accommodate disagreement (safe places for people to speak)
Ease of communication (blogs, social networks, texting)
Agenda harmony (agreement on end results not necessarily path)
Mission intolerance (rudeness regarding the mission)
Ministry tolerance (variety in living out the mission)

These were our thougths. What say you?

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