Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What is a Christ-follower, believer, disciple or whatever label you place on those who call themselves Christians? I consider myself a Christ-follower, but I am not sure I line up well to others who may attach the same to themselves, especially those of the evangelic ilk.

I have actually voted for a democrat...am I a Christ-follower?
I tend to prefer jazz to contemporary Christian music...am I a Christ-follower?
I prefer radio sports talk to radio preaching...am I a Christ-follower?
I don't know many hymns...am I a Christ-follower?
When I am in a crisis my first response is not always to pray...am I a Christ-follower?
I tend to think that many evangelics are a bit reactionary...am I a Christ-follower?
Too often the significance of communion does not grab me like I would like...am I a Christ-follower?
I don't like to argue with Mormons, or Jehovah Witnesses when they come to my door...am I a Christ-follower?
I don't like to put Christian bumper stickers on my car...am I a Christ-follower?
I shy away from Christian sloganed t-shirts...am I a Christ-follower?
If I miss a Sunday in church I don't feel guilty...am I a Christ-follower?
I enjoy the secular side of Christmas...am I a Christ-follower?
I love the Easter story, but also appreciate a chocolate bunny...am I a Christ-follower?

I sense the presence of God in my life every day. God's reality consumes me, but not like others tend to express it in their life. I am very appreciative that God's working in and through me is not dependent on someone else's definition.

Am I a Christ-follower? I know so, because God's word tells me my standing is in the cross. And the cross alone.